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Merge Dragons! - colorful action puzzle game with interesting mechanics. The lands of this magical world were swallowed by a terrible disease that completely destroys the vegetation, and the dragons, the inhabitants of these territories, turned into almost extinct animals. But there is a chance, you just need to try. Return territories that rightfully belong to these creatures.

Game process:

The game is a search for identical objects, followed by their connection. The game takes mechanics "three in a row", but in a different plane. Now, instead of destroying the same elements, we will create new ones by connecting three or more items. You will have to connect everything: from useless stones to eggs of different colors. In addition to creating full-fledged dragons and vegetation, these manipulations lead to the liberation of lands from evil. That is, connecting three pebbles next to the black territory, we get a green color and growing grass.

Also, territories captured by the enemy do not have the right to be used, that is, if you need to get a new object, for example, a statue, you will have to free some of the lands. And only then start moving. To speed up the gameplay, create dragons, send them to the magic flower and get hearts. The more dragons on the territory, the higher the chance to quickly get to the desired result, since there are many levels.


Great beings who are of great benefit to this world. The balance of nature is kept on their strength and victories depend on them. After the third level, a camp with a small amount of eggs opens. By connecting them, you can get new individuals. After getting one little dragon, buy new eggs and get two more. After that, connect and open a new dragon, more mature and powerful. There are many dragons and you will have to open eggs before buying new ones. All this is bought in the store, but to get to it, you need to go through several levels or chapters.


Simple and straightforward as possible, lots of tips and hilarious dragons answers. On many levels, there is a stand with a book, clicking on which will open information regarding the level.
Mod features
Buy everything for coins and stones, even when they are not!
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