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My Home - Design Dreams is a dream room creation simulator. Take advantage of your imagination and design experience to create your own room that will meet all your requirements and desires. But to put interior items, you will have to have money, as well as go through the levels "three in a row". Putting in a new sofa or chair is not easy. Get money by completing tasks and levels! Then go to the static space and discover new designer furniture and much more!

A room or a house is the main element of this game. The main character will have to put new windows or paint the walls. And the choice lies with the player. Choose the color of wallpaper or paint, laminate or parquet, and even the color of the ceiling. After that, hang pictures and put vases to make it cozy! The more we fill the room with warmth, the more new objects appear. Put up lamps, bedside lamps or paintings to make the room look great!

The number of interior items in My Home is huge, as many as three are added to each item, choose the one. Having finished with one room, the game is transferred to the next level. By clicking on the house, you can find out what items can be changed. Put on a certain amount of furniture and move to a new stage! The match 3 gameplay part doesn't offer anything fancy, just drag and drop elements and connect them to get combinations. Each level has a limited number of moves, as well as a goal to collect certain items. Calculate every moment and just be successful!

When the level is completed, you can see the result and share with others! The store offers the purchase of houses and rooms to start the transformation, and after you can show your project to others. After getting the levels, look through the notebook where you can see the daily tasks and the album, which will collect a collection of your own photographs! Click on the multi-colored roller, find out how many items you need to decorate. Follow everything in stages and get to the best interior items!

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