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  • 5.15.190
  • Action
  • Android 4.1
  • Unlimited Money
Real Gangster Crime is an action game in which there is an open world, a sea of tasks and of course heroes and weapons. Well, if in another way - this is a game that very much resembles GTA. The player will have to lead the main character and complete missions, infiltrate gangs, answer mobile calls and carry weapons. Use the latter only as a last resort, well, or have fun, killing everyone on the street and taking money!
Look for signs on the streets, run around the city, go into other buildings and communicate on different occasions. At the point of the plot, the main character have troubles, as well as other problems.

Complete tasks of different people, get money for it, interesting guns and acquaintances with serious people. Arrange a mayhem on the street, wait for the police and destroy them with cool weapons. Buying weapons, things and other little things takes place in the store. At the beginning of the game there will be only hands, but having received the first money, get a pistol and bullets! Find interesting things, wear a cool hat or a gas mask. Buy a suit or just change your look. Some things are available through VIP, but getting this status is very easy!

A big plus of these games is the open world. It is far from full-fledged, but the locations are beautiful, and there is interaction with the environment. For example, you can steal vehicles and drive around the city, or go to a bar. You can also enter the houses, but only a few! In addition to buying wardrobe or weapons, you can buy a tank, car or motorcycle in the store. All this can be used for your own purposes!

Interface in Real Gangster Crime:

The presence of prompts in the form of green and red lights makes it quickly clear where to move. There is also a map that can be viewed closer. Shooting, in turn, is as simple as possible. The presence of automatic aiming will help you always hit the target!
Mod features
Complete one mission to get money
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