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  • 2.14.8
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  • Android 4.4
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Bowmasters is an action game in which the player will have to win many tournaments and hit the target with throwing weapons. Spears, cards, and also a bow, which almost every character will have, are used as weapons. The battles take place one on one on a horizontal surface. Hit the target precisely, because you will have to shoot based on the strength and angle of fire.

Game process:

Two characters are in different parts of the map, one may have a bow, and the other has a card. Who gets there first, you need to find out yourself. You can choose the side of the loser and constantly miss, or you can play the role of the winner and make great headshots with one shot! There are many weapons and not only the above are used. The game modes offer different gameplay:
  • Bird hunting - shoot from a bow or other weapon at birds in the sky.
  • Against a friend - play with your friends and find out who is the best!
  • Classic - selects random characters with whom there will be battles!
  • Tournaments - three types of difficulty for all those who are tired of easy games!
  • Zombie Mode - have time to play, because time is limited!


Various heroes, familiar to us from numerous films. Choose Leonidas, the king of Sparta or Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. Use bonuses in order to achieve success faster and find weak points of your opponents. For better aiming, there is a dashed line, but short, as well as the angle and force measured in numbers. Control the hit yourself, and if the first shot was successful, then the place of the shot is saved, move the line there and start again!

Bonuses during the game will also help you deal with the enemy faster, and achievements will stimulate simple battles to be completed much faster and more efficiently! Some projectiles that are used to hit have unique modifiers. For example, the card is scattered into additional four parts!
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