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  • 1.24
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  • Android 4.1
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Dr. Parking 4 - learning to park on cars is simple and easy, just download this game and try your hand at numerous missions! With little or no experience, you have to hone your driving and parking skills. Park in different places and situations, always get right into the zone and find the very balance.

Play in a company with friends or with real rivals on the network, choose the mode that will be closer to you and park ahead! If the competition takes place with a real person, then there will be one parking place. The opponent's car will be transparent, so you can safely go around it and quickly take a seat. Try to do your best to get to the finish line first, because the rewards will be higher. Don't get into a minor accident, as the levels will have to start over!

Missions offer training that doesn't require anything complicated. You don't have to go through them, but start with real competitions that require dexterity and other skills! Cars are just as important to getting results, so if you can buy a new one, buy it! Locations are constantly changing, as are missions. Parking becomes more difficult, so pay attention to the prompts and interact correctly with the transmission. Other cars, which are not so easy to pass and not to hook, pose a big problem. The advantage is that if you do not brake in time and put the car on the handbrake, it can continue to roll and thus have to start the process again.

To interact with the car, there are two pedals - gas and brake, as well as an interactive steering wheel and four gears. You will have to use everything to quickly get exactly in place! Track your rating, communicate with others and become the first in this business!
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