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  • 1.50.1
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  • Android 4.1
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Castle Creeps is an enjoyable tower defense game in which ten heroes try to defend their kingdom from the oncoming threat. Lead the best warriors of these lands and triumph in a simple yet tempting shell! The Tower Defense genre is familiar to many, as it is very popular, there are no significant changes here. You will also have to put towers, open chests with cards, and also pump each one separately and combine one of the four towers. Each can be pumped not only during the game, but also in the menu, because everyone have their own talent tree.


  • Soldiers - Calling three warriors for help. It is possible to move them around a certain area and create a defense.
  • Magic is a powerful tower that deals magic damage. Powerful but slow. When combined with one of the towers, it has a good balance.
  • Archers are elite warriors who strike physically. Arrows and accuracy make them indispensable players on the map.
  • Cannon - one volley and it's all over. It hits the area and helps to destroy crowds of enemies. An expensive but extremely effective tower for defeating the enemy!


In the amount of ten pieces, they work in pairs and really pose a threat. The transformation of everyone depends on receiving cards that will lead to a change in appearance and abilities! All heroes can move to any point, as the control belongs to the player! Call for reinforcements from soldiers or powerful explosions at any time and place. The only caveat is limitation! In general, there are many missions, since the lands of the kingdom are vast, then the journey can be delayed. Help ordinary citizens find freedom and prevent the orcs from entering the royal hall!

Enemies are dangerous, each has information, as well as tactics for victory. The information will help you find out what a particular character represents. At the end of the chapters, bosses appear that are stronger than the rest and have abilities. Be careful and kill everyone.
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