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  • 1.70.0
  • Arcade
  • Android 4.1
  • Unlimited Money
Temple Run 2 is a sequel to one of the popular game, which downloaded by millions of people. Plunge into an endless run across the volcanic island, collect resources, coins, bonuses and various letters to create complete words and thus earn extra money!

Game process:

If you are familiar with the first part, then there will be no problems with mastering the game, since everything is repeated. For those who begin acquaintance with the second part, I will explain: Temple Run 2 is a game in which you endlessly need to run and collect coins with other pleasant bonuses. The game has no end, and everything is tied to a greater result. Who today or forever will lead the first line of the rating, you have to find out yourself! The big plus of the new part is the redesigned graphics and animation, a new island and characters. Run as a pirate or archaeologist who is in trouble again. A dangerous enemy is running after the character again, but now they are not evil monkeys, but a giant monster that is not averse to feasting on. On the way, the player will encounter various traps and other troubles, beware of cracks in the ground, lava, cliffs, partitions and other trifles!


  • Magnet
  • Double mining of coins
  • Shield
  • And much more
Also worth noting is the number of cards that you can go through. Of course, the gameplay does not change, but visually everything is different.

  • Sky summit
  • Frozen shadows
  • Vulcano Island
  • Blazing sands
  • Lost jungle
Additionally, there are three more, but you will have to buy them for real money. The above are purchased for game currency, save and buy!


The character's movement is tied to the accelerometer and swipes. The first type of control is tied to simple movements on a flat track, and swipes will help you turn sharply around corners. In addition, jumps and tackles are carried out using swipes. Jump or drop down to overcome many obstacles that will be on the way of the main characters!
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