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HellCopter is an amazing helicopter shooting game. Players need to control a person sitting in a helicopter. The gameplay here isn't very diverse and the whole essence of the gameplay is to destroy enemies from a helicopter. The game features endless ammo. No need to download mods and hacks, the developers themselves already took care of this. Fly with your pilot on a mission and destroy all the targets. Be accurate and try to shoot in head to colorfully and effectively remove opponents. They can hide, shoot at you, and even kill.

Graphics and gameplay

Colorful pictures, well-drawn details - all this awaits you in the game. The application has an amazing interface and convenient controls. Pick up a machine gun and start firing from a helicopter. You can create spectacular explosions that will smash everyone who is nearby. If you make a double or beautiful kill, in slow motion it will all be shown. This feature was taken from the game Sniper Elite, which is famous for such an opportunity. Air transport will move from the top floor gradually down. So try to overthrow everyone from the first shots. At first, everything will be simple, but with each level, invaders will be smarter and more cunning. The physics in the application is quite interesting. The effects of breaking glasses and damage to other elements of the interior of the building will be beautiful.
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