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Robbery Bob - immerse yourself in a real adventure with a thief Bob who wants to change himself and finally stop stealing. But in order to achieve this dream, he goes to the final missions. Help Bob steal everything you need: from office supplies to serious items like jewelry and money. Hide from hotel guests, guard dogs and just residents of the houses from which you need to take important things. Sneak through the rooms looking for stash, correctly assess your chances and do not be caught by others!

The game Robbery Bob has everything you need to go unnoticed. You can hide not only in other rooms, but also behind walls, in cabinets, there is even the opportunity to hide in the toilet! Comic situations very interesting, but also funny moments associated with artificial intelligence. Since you have to steal not only in empty places, but also in residential premises. You need to walk quietly and predict the steps of people! Move like a mouse around the apartments and snuggle up against the wall, run abruptly even into living rooms and be like a ninja!


  • Story chapters
  • Bonus story
Each mode offers an interesting story, for example, in the first we will completely go from a thief to a law-abiding citizen. And the second offers levels that are not related to the main story, so it's up to you to pass them or not! Somewhere you have to steal something in one of the most secret laboratories, and somewhere in serious offices and homes!

A hint system is also present, if you do not know what to do or are afraid of something, then use one of them. Observe the behavior of the guards and the police, try to go unnoticed and achieve the task!

Levels in the Robbery Bob

Each level of Robbery Bob is worked out approximately according to the same rules, but the traps are different everywhere, any of the missions is challenging and ready to compete with your art as a thief! Management and minimalistic animationso good, so get yourself together and go!
Mod features
Coins will increase when you spend them!
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