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  • 1.12.10
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  • Android 5.0
  • Unlimited Money
Egg, Inc. - a real gold rush for egg production. We will have to do everything so that the hens carry as many eggs as possible, because the gold mine is hidden in them! Begin your journey as a great businessman in a pleasant clicker who has very simple but understandable mechanics. In the beginning, having only a small number of hens, we will reach a thousand a day. But first you need to try and organize a chicken coop, as well as establish a sales market!

Build various poultry farms, hire scientists, collect new species, and also find the perfect one. Hire loyal drivers who will persistently carry eggs to any place, build a laboratory for new discoveries and buy new hens! Pump what you built, always and everywhere. Increase the capacity of chicken coops and their production speed, run entire sorting conveyors and become a guru in this area! The number of hens will grow exponentially and this will require only patience and skills, upgrade your best qualities in Egg, Inc. and be the first.

Build the best house for your pets where they will be comfortable laying eggs. Protect from the enemy, and also launch drones for better surveillance. Ensure uninterrupted egg laying. Invest in projects that require implementation and get more profit in the future! The animation was created in a three-dimensional style, where you don’t have to get hung up on something. Pleasant light and effects will immerse you in the gameplay! Management is available on the main screen, so adding the number of hens or buying new things is very simple!
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