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Swamp Attack - hometown at risk. Since the building is located on swampy land, the contingent is corresponding. The presence of wild fauna is very justified, except for mosquitoes you will find a swamp monster or strange creatures that are not similar to anything. In such cases, there is one option - defense.

Shoot right in the head and demolish the bodies with the best rifle. Combine weapons for the best effect, as well as throw grenades and set traps! The dwelling should become a fortress that will repel any attacks. Upgrade the walls and put a fence above the roof, various turrets and other obstacles on the way!

Weapons in Swamp Attack:

A rich arsenal where you can find everything you need for the soul, from an ordinary shotgun to a serious grenade launcher. The ability to change them during the fight will delight everyone. Pump your guns for the money you earn, reflect all the waves and free your lands from evil monsters.

The main character:

A simple average worker. He just sits in his chair and shoots at point blank range. His friends and neighbors help him in this. Help him to set up underwater mines, install surveillance cameras and do not let the enemy pass by!

The fauna in Swamp Attack is full of oddities: various beavers, frogs, strange creatures all around, and with each level there are more of them. At the end of some missions, you will meet face to face with the bosses who must be killed. Each has its own unique properties, and some will provide useful things after the murder! Help a simple guy get rid of the difficulties that bother him, provide him with all the best and clear the swamp of the adversary!
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