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  • 1.1.12
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  • Android 4.4
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The Cook - 3D Cooking Game - if you thought about the work of a cook, this game will help you find the answer. The protagonist has a dream and a truck, he is ready for anything to be the best in cooking and goes on a trip around the world in search of inspiration. Well, help should be accordingly.

Take this matter into your own hands and create creative masterpieces. Cut the carrots on the board with the speed of sound, throw it in the pan and add whatever you want! A huge list of ingredients will allow you to experiment with your tastes and desires. Cook chicken in honey or home-cooked roast, buy new products and create a unique recipe!

Do everything yourself, from the usual slicing to full cooking. Move the pan, sprinkle with spices and serve! Traveling around the world with your truck will help you better choose products and learn about local culinary and delicacies. Mark something for yourself and add to your cooking methods! Watch how fun it is to stir food in a pan or in the oven, control the process yourself!

Graphics & controls in The Cook - 3D Cooking Game:

The most simple and nothing significant stands out, it is pleasant and minimalistic, allows you to better concentrate on cooking and pay attention to imagination! The main element is the hands, move them to the right place and shred products or vice versa turn them over. All this is as clear and accessible as possible!
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