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  • 3.82
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  • Android 4.1
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Last Hope TD - the familiar world has been destroyed, now only devastation, chaos and zombies. What could be worse, because humanity is on the verge of death and is trying to survive in this difficult world. The game fantasizes on the topic: what would happen if humanity, after the happened zombie apocalypse, remembered the lifestyle of their ancestors? The Indians became such ancestors. The whole gameplay mixes the image of Indians and zombies. All this is nicely combined and helps to get into the game faster!

Game process:

Familiar Tower Defense mechanics, which are not much different from other representatives of the genre. We put towers and destroy enemies. Each level has a line of movement of the enemy, along which you need to place various towers to win. The towers have different difficulty levels. There are ten of them and each has its own unique talents. Take a powerful or Poisonous crossbow to destroy enemies quickly. Four towers will become available over time, while the remaining six can be purchased with money earned in battle. In addition to towers, there are buildings that release characters to hold positions. They have their own reload time and the ability to hit any terrain!

Improvements in Last Hope TD:

You can upgrade all the parameters of the towers, so just get in-game currency and make the tower powerful! Put theory into practice, place different towers and combine them to win!

Classic - it represents a typical walkthrough, with a full story and numerous characters.

The game can have two characters, and there are ten of them in total. Everyone has upgrades and skills. Don't forget to increase your health, attack power and speed!

Controls and Graphics:

It all comes down to one tapu. Choose a tower and build in the places where it is allowed. Don't forget to pump and choose the best strategy! Use heroes, click on the avatar and send them to the right places! Nice 3D animation, good lighting and detail. Watch how bloodthirsty creatures run. Try to get victory! Well-developed locations and atmosphere are present!
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