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  • 1.4.20
  • Racing
  • Android 4.1
  • Coins/Gems
Crash of Cars is a multiplayer battle with players from all over the world. Who has the strength to defeat the enemy and collect more crowns? You will find out in Crash of Cars, because battles are the main component of this game. Don't let yourself die and collect bonuses!

Game process:

A camera on top, a cool car  and eight unique cards! Who has the strength and technology to pick up the necessary bonuses and destroy the enemy? Drive forward, look for cubes in the form of a question mark. Pick them up, as they contain a variety of modifiers that will help you survive. Use trampolines, find weak points of the enemy, fly and blow up nearby drivers! To use the bonus, click the icon on the right. They are disposable and have a limited number of charges, so spend wisely.

Bonuses in Crash of Cars:

You can find guns, shields, flamethrowers and other things ready to help at any time! Do not hesitate to accumulate and change them during the fight, because victory is important at any cost!

More than seventy cars that will be available during the passage. Four main types:
  • Regular - simple cars that don't have anything special!
  • Rare - difficult to find, but worth it!
  • Epic - one of the most exclusive cars, if you find - you are lucky!
  • Legendary -  many want these cars, but only a select few get them.
To get a car, you have to spend money in slot machines. Each machine, just like the class of the car, offers a certain choice. At the beginning, only regular cars is available, but taking into account the passage, others will be opened! Cars do not have any serious things, they differ only in the amount of health. Be vigilant and replenish it with bonuses!


The car picks up speed by itself, and the player controls the turns. Place your fingers on either side of the screen and don't let the car get into trouble! Control every turn and show who is the best!
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